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  • Tou so you hit a buck but didn't find it hu? Thats a bummer but it part of deer hunting. I hunt in Lake Otrion in the Bald Mountain Rec area. So far all I'm seeing are smaller bucks and does.
  • Tou, glad you're aboard w/ the FAST gang. Really looking forward to meeting you soon! Craig Lange
  • Tou you just hit my hot booton. Yesterday I went to hunt a tree stand on State land and someone made off with my climbing stick. This is not the first time this has happend. About 5 years ago I had one stolen only to find it 2 years later in a tree right next to the one mine was stolen in.
  • Thanks Tou... Ya, I look forward to meeting you as well.
  • Hey Tou Yang, sorry I didn't respond on Thur. or Fri., I didn't have access to the computer... I know in some Asian cultures individuals are address by the second name, is this true for you? (So we would call you Yang, or Tou?)
  • Welcome Tou Yang! My name is Jim, feel free to post some of your outdoor adventure photos on your home page for all of us to see. Also, the upcoming events are listed under the "Events" tab at the top of the page. I look forward to meeting you..
  • Hi Tou, welcome to the Field and Stream Team online community. Enjoy connecting with other men who are passionate about the outdoors. Check over the events calendar and hopefully we can meet in person at an upcoming event soon.
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