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  • Good morning Petty. Thanks for the warm welcome. Look forward to meeting more Christian people who has great passion for the Lord's outdoor creation/creatures.
  • Thanks. We were planning on attending tonight, but Sam came home after footbal with a lot of homework. We look forward to meeting all, but will have to wait until next week :(
  • I apologize, his name is Sam. He doesn't have his own bow, but he used to go shoot one at oakland county sports club every week for a while. We will try to make tonight. Thanks, Suzanne
    What time will people arrive before the meeting?
  • Hi Jim, Thanks for getting back with us. Is the tues/thurs small group the one you are referring to? Suzanne
  • thanks i do what i can i am just learning all this face book kind of stuff.
  • I'll look for you and we'll trade some fishing and hunting stories. Joe
  • Thanks for the welcome, Jim. What service do you usually attend? Joe
  • hey bro! i am ready for some spring rifle practice!
  • What the Heck is this????
This reply was deleted.