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  • thxs.  I will post my most recent rabbit hunt. 
  • Thanks Jim.  I do have some photos of our family on a quail hunt.  It was exciting to see the boys on the hunt.  I am not so technical, maybe I can get some help to post some photos.  I am looking forward to participating in FAST.
  • Thanks Jim.  Looking forward to meeting you guys!
  • Thanks Jim, looking forward to it.
  • Thank you for the welcome and the invite, I plan to attend the pot luck so please introduce yourself. Look forward to seeing you.

  • Thank You Petty for the welcome. there could never be to many steves lol.
  • I found a link to this site when i was looking for fellow christian hunter's I belong to Taylor Free Methodist chruch but, we don't have other hunter's in our chruch (other then our pastor) and he only go's deer hunting once a year some times. I'm looking for a group that likes to salmon, steelhead fish and likes to hunt duck, deer, upland birds etc.
  • Thanks Petty, looking to meeting you and the rest of guys. 
  • Hi Petty, nice to meet you here on Field and Stream Team, hopefully to meet you in person one day.
    Your question about my name, you may call me 'Tou' (just like the # 2).
  • Hi Jim, nice knowing you. Hope to meet yuo face to face in the near future.
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