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  • Yes. I am planning on coming on Sunday. I look forward to it.
  • Hey, sorry I missed the bible study and the monthly meeting but both nights mother nature called and I had to work (snow removal). I'am interested in the ice fishing trip but I'am waiting to receive my son's hockey playoff schedule before I can commit.   








  • Thanks, looking forward to getting connected.
  • Hey Chuck,


    Where do we sign up for the wild game dinner?

  • nice seasnon Chuck....
  • Thanks chuck it was nice talking to you thank you much for the invite i had some trouble with my pc the last 2 weeks. I plan on visiting kensington in the next couple weeks.
  • Hi Chuck. Great to hear from you. I am amazed to see the number of connections I've quickly made on this site. Keep in touch.
  • Hi Chuck sorry it took me a while to respond ive been pretty busy. My favorite game to hunt is by far whitetail deer. Ive been hunting quite a bit this year so far and I don't think the rut is on yet down here. I hunted yesterday and saw 18 does' in a field and there wasn't one buck to be found. Had a chance to shoot two 4 pt.s and alot of does' but the bucks were too small and the I can shoot a doe pretty much any time I want. I did see a nice 8 pt. but the wind was wrong and he caught my scent and went away. Have you had any luck this year?
  • Chuck, I hunt in Holly (in a friend's backyard). You're right... I saw mostly does and/or smaller buck only. Yeah... it was a bummer. I know I had a good clean shot but for reason he didn't beed much so I lost him. I had nightmares for two nights. I had never lost a deer before!
  • Where did everyone hunt at? I would love to meet you all one day. Just shot a 6 pt. last night but couldn't track him down... I lost him!
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