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  • Outing sounds good to me. Steelhead will probably only be in the river another 2-3 weeks though.
  • Hi Chris.  Didn't make the wild game dinner.  I have a 10 year old son, very interested in hunting.  I am new at this so we recently got our hunter safety certificate at Bass Pro and are looking forward to getting involved.
  • Common Chris,  where is that childhood boys heart for adventure ???
  • Hey Chris, thanks for the invite to the ice fishing trip.  Just finished signing up,looking forward to meeting you.
  • Thanks Chris. I look forward to meeting you as well. Maybe we can get out there together. I'm also open to learning new things also. 
  • Good morning Christ. Thanks for the invitation.
  • Hi Chris, My son's name is Sam. He would love to shoot a bow. I will check out when the general meeting is and see if we can make it. Thanks, Suzanne
  • Thanks, Russ
  • Chris why are you using a picture of Peter Frampton as your ID photo?
  • Hey Chris -
    I should be there tonight. Looking forward to it! CJW
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