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Any good trail cam pics?

I have 3 properties in NC I have permission to hunt and 1 in Virginia.  The first 1 pic is from a friend's 12 acres in a subdivision in Summerfield, NC.  The  other 2 are from a friend's 34 acres in Mayodan, NC.  Happy Hunting9469526492?profile=RESIZE_710x. I hope to get up to th

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Any duck hunters in the group?  Do you take people out and show them the ropes?  I've always been interested in hunting ducks but never had the opportunity to do it.  Looking to learn the basics.


All the best,

Michael Wright

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Dog Training

Hey guys.  My family is getting a German Shorthaird Pointer (GSP) in a month and a half from a breeder in Ohio (pup is only 2 weeks old right now).  His parents are both award winning hunting dogs so the goal is to train this dog to bird hunts, espec

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Trijicon Scope

Hey Guys.  I want to get a Trijicon MRO HD for my AR.  I know Andrews has connection with the owner.  Wonder if we have any kind of connection to purchase directly from them?  Or if somebody has a good contact for a dealer?


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