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A former member of our hunting camp passed away a few years ago.  His widow is willing to part with his guns.  I do not have pictures or complete descriptions yet.  Available ___Browning BAR 30-06 with the finest fixed 4 power Zeiss scope, LC Smith 12 gauge double.  If you are interested in these items let me know and I will get them for a preview and discuss the price.  Matt Dahmer is ineligible for these, because his wife sends me $50 a month to keep him away from the sales.  It is cheaper for her that way.


Steve Buchan 248.320.9385

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  • Hi Steve! I'm new to Field and Stream Team. Are there still any guns left. Email:
  • Any fishing lures or fly rods?
  • Steve, you will be happy to know that I sold the 11-87 and have not bought anything to replace it. Oh Yea ! I forgot to mention that I just sold it last night ????
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