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  • Hey, your email address kicked back my email, and my text to you didn't go through today. What the heck is going on with you? You forgot the white suite and the $2 I borrowed....Call me and I will get this to you...
  • Nice Buck Craig !, Congrats !
  • Hi Craig. I'm new to FNST and look forward meet other fellow Christians who loves God's creations.
  • Hey Craig I left my bottle of contact solution up in the Fly room. Would you mind getting it the next you go up there? And I will get it back from you at one of our meetings.
  • Hey, Craig. Even in the midst of our tumultuous events that prevented us from being at the triple B, we were wondering how things went. I hope the weather didn't inhibit the group's enjoyment of God's glorious wilderness. Plus, we're hoping that the flight of the mystical arrow brought great joy to a few.....
  • Hi Crag, I called Luther's pheasant hunting today, but I am waiting for a call back. I'll let you know asap about a possible hunt.
  • Hey Craig, did you find any african music for the wgd? Just curious, let me know...thanks.
  • Craig I can't express how happy I was with the way GGG turned out. I truley appreciate you opening your place up to the team. It was a perfect weekend and you have found your gift within FAST.

  • You missed a great opportunity for growth when you, Chuck and Paul opted to stay at the farmhouse and not at Hawks. Sometimes, Frank, we have to face our fears. Craig
  • How did "Hawks" get into today's Sportsman's Devotional?
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