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  • Hey Chuck, we missed ya Tuesday, man there was lots of great food. I was wondering if you can tell me where I can get a copy of the video you showed up at Craig's outing? I was telling my buddy Dave and his father about it, and would have loved to showed it to them at deer camp. Thanks Chuck.
  • Your second buck of the year? Very nice my Man! Great work.
  • Chuck I accidentally deleted the email with the forms for Kicking Bear registration, can you email me on to

    Thanks, Steve
  • We'll have room. Bring 'em.
  • So, what did your wife say about that 14" knife?
  • That is awesome, looks like you guy's had a great hunt...
  • Chuck, I am so glad I came. I don't need three visits, I'm hooked!!!
    I have never felt so welcome than I did at the FAST meeting. What a great bunch of guy's. Thank you, and all the guy's for a great night. I look forward to seeing everyone again.
  • I go to East and have been to a few meeetings. Planning on coming in April. See you then
  • Chuck, on the bottom right hand side of the window there is an area that says "field and stream team] 3 online" Open it and it's a chat. I want to ask you about people I don't know joining but were on the evite email list. Should I highlight them or just let you know they joined? I was planning on highlighting them in the member area.
  • Yep. jaws, that's just what I was thinking too. "you're going to need a bigger boat" or four wheeler in your case if you shot "jaws" of the woods. Did you check out the icon pics I sent back yet?
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