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  • bob, I think I saw you at the WGD. Thanks for your support and thanks for letting me sit in your tree stand at Craigs.


  • Sounds like you need a national holiday for an opportunity to get out? Thanks for the prayers for my brother, but it doesn't seem to be getting any better....Tell Jacob I said hello, and I'll hopefully see you soon brother!!
  • Bob, I should be paying more attention!! Awesome your here!!  Talk to you soon. Craig
  • Bobbaaaa!!!!!! How's things going my MAN??!? It's Petty, from BBB, glad to see you made it to the site and look forward to seeing you at one of the events! How's the Boy doing?  We shoot a lot, so I'm really hoping to see at one of the events....See ya later!
  • BTW, for the guys who may not know Bob by name, this is Craig's buddy from Faith and he's been going to Bible, Bows, and Bogies long before any of us.  You've probably hunted with him before.
  • Bob, great seeing you at the Super Bowl service and again today.  I looked around after service and missed ya.  Hopefully we can catch up at the Wild Game Dinner.  Talk to you soon.
  • Bob welcome to the Field and Steam Team.  I encourage you to get yourself involoved and attend one of the many upcoming opportunities. Kensington is a big church. Getting into a small group is the only way to fly here.  If you like hunting or fishing, you found your next group of buds.


  • Hey Bob.  Welcome to the FAST group.  It's a very active and fun group.  Another area to look at on the site is the "chat" page.  There's an icon in the bottom corner that is a triangle with a line over it next to a box that shows how many members are on line.  Usually some entertaining jabbering going on...Welcome!
  • Hey Bob! Welcome to the FAST community site! Please feel free to post some of your adventure photos on your page for all to see, as well as check out the "Events" tab at the top for the upcoming events...Hope to meet you in person at one of our monthly meetings....
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