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  • Just wanted to thank you for the awesome event on saturday at the DSC. I had a blast!
  • Hey Steve ... you have no iedea what you may be signing up for !  And I mean that !  Some of the water we saw was extreamly dangerous.  Then you add in the sweepers which in thier own right are killers and you have a recipe for a not so fun of a trip.  I just reciently saw a video about a family that lost a daughter due to a sweeper.  Remind me to tell you about the first trip I  took up there  MY two buddies almost lost it,  and I mean lost it all,  trying to get back to me and my first moose.


    With that said I think we have the hang of it now.  What would be really helpful would be to have a 20 foot john boat with about a 90 hp jet drive out board.  That is how a few guys do it...and I like the idea of power.  But the raft is a wonderful experience.


    I love the hunt, but it is the trip that I really love !  Next time due to the amount of bears that there we are going to set up an alarm system.  We were going to take a electric fence this time...but time was cut short and fell by the way side.  But I can tell you my buddy Todd was a bit nervous...I think I was just plain ignorant to the danger.  But this next time I am going to set up a trip wire with flares.  I would like to see what is comming for me.  A few of the nights we only had a tarp under us and over us for rain..but totally exposed.  And there was enough scat laying about that we knew bears were in the area, as were wolves and the all dangerous muskrat.  While laying there one night I remembered a movie, Apocalypse Now.  They however used gernades on thier trip wires I however do not have access to those :(.


    The Ideal and most comfortable set up to hunt moose would be to find a good high cliff or hill and set up camp on top.  Glass the valley and wait. 






  • Really??  Thats so funny, I havent even been there yet, Im the new guy.  Well Im happy you shared that with me, Im thinking Ill fit in well with you all then :)
  • Steve I think you ran into a friend of mine named Tim Exelby, a couple months ago at some outdoor event? Tim's a police officer and I coach his son Adam on the track team.
  • Hey, That was my hunting outfit in Korea.
  • Hi my friend. You're my first friend here on Field&Stream Team. I look forward to meeting more friends in the near future.
  • Hi Steve! Sean and Shawna had a great time at the event. Sean made the comment that he would love to teach shooting! I will pass your number on to him and let him know what you said. I am so glad that it worked out great all the way around and that Sean was able to do something he loves and help out at the same time. I will keep in touch and God bless!
  • You got it- I hope to make it to one of the events soon- made it to the volunteer video shoot last week- so now that I'm a big video star I'll have to have my agent check my schedule......!
  • Yes I'm Don Z- do I know you? Also, I am not a member of DSC. Take care.
  • The great "clown" knot has been lost from my memory banks! I only tie my shoes once and they stay that way forever.. How has the "clown" knot changed your life?
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