• Aug 22, 2019 from 5:00pm to 8:00pm
  • Location: 2500 Kern Rd. Lake Orion
  • Latest Activity: Aug 22, 2019

Come join the Field and Stream Team for a fun night of shotgun shooting at the Bald Mountain Shooting Range.  We will have the BBQ going with some good grill food so come hungry. 

The goal of the night is to build some anticipation for the upcoming fall hunting opportunities by busting a few clays and and helping some new or inexperienced shooters by giving them a chance to get some pointers from some of us willing to share their time and skills. 

The food is free. The shooting range fees (5-Stand and Executive) are free too so why not make it?  Bring a friend or a kid.  Both 12 and 20 guage opportunities will be avaiaible. 

Already a good shooter? Prove it!  5-Stand will be available for us that night too. 

Things get started around 5pm but you don't need to be there right at 5. Just arrive in enough time to do a little shooting and shoot the breeze with your FAST brothers. 

Don't forget eye and ear protection (also availaible for sale at Bald Mountain)

Bring the whole family!

PLEASE RSVP with how many are coming and what guage (12 or 20) shotgun you shoot so we know how much food and shells to buy. 

Contact Chuck Snyder with any question at fieldandstreamteam@gmail.com or 248 496-2593.


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  • I'll be there with 3 total.  We all shoot 12 gauge and all have our own guns.

  • Krauskoff is coming with a guest 

  • Sorry for the late reply, I will be there with my 12 Ga.


  • I will be attending with my wife Laura and daughter Olivia.

    we will be shooting a 20 gauge and 28 gauge shot guns.

  • Laurie and Paul O'Meara and maybe Sam.  (3) Just curious if they rent shotguns there.  My husband has a 20 gauge that takes on sabot slugs so he will bring his own ammo.  The only other shot gun I have is a 410.  Would like to rent a 20 gauge from someone to use if I can't use my 410 at this event.

    • Hi Laurie.  We will only be shooting clays.  If your husband wants to shoot his sabot shotgun then he will need to use the rifle range at his own expense.  Let me know if you plan to bring your 410 and FAST will provide you some ammo.

      I am not aware of BM renting shotguns however I am pretty confident that there will be extra 12 and 20 guage shotguns their that night for use. 

  • I will be there with my nephew, Mitchell.  Waiting for responses from a couple of other guys.

  • Two Iversens.  16-gauge (can bring my own if that's too high-maintenance!)

    • Jon you can bring your 16 however we will not have any ammo for that gauge so BYOA.  i have a 16 also that I enjoy shooting! 

    • Ugh - work calls - will now be out of town. :-(

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