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  • I would be happy to have you come along and show you what I know(which is not a lot). Wayne from Bass Pro (Chuck's brother?) is where I learned how to fish the Clinton. We should have him give a presentation to the group if people are interested.
  • Brian,

    my brother had some great things to say about you and the boys. This is pretty close to what he said to me on the ride home from Bucks. "What was that guys name with the two boys again?". I reminded him, "that's Brian, Brian Tabert". He then says, "as a father of 5 myself, that Brian guy never got flustered or frustraited at those boys once this whole weekend", "He showed such great patients with them, and had no reason to get upset at anything they said or did. That was awesome to see!" Just in case Mike does not yet understand how open we all are (FAST members) with each other, especially with complements, I felt that you might want to know... Thanks man! Great weekend, hope to see your dad and uncle soon..


  • Hey Brian, it was fun to meet you, Ray, and Harold at Buck's Only. I hope all of you also enjoyed yourselves. I look forward to more group events like that one. See ya soon.
  • I will be coming up after work today, probably be fishing tomorrow morning and maybe sunday, depending on what everyone else is doing....I have all FF gear, and am new to salmon and steelheading out here, so I will probably be picking your brain on techniques and stuff...
  • Great Deer Brian, well done.
  • Hi Brian! Great to see you on the site! Hope you're having a successful hunting season.
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