• Thanks again bro!!!!!  I am around all day...let me know!
  • Brian, we have our couples 2nd Story tonight and Mark is going to check to see if he has an extra rest and sight too.  I'll give you a ring on Friday.

  • That's awesome! Thanks bro! I am real flexible over the next couple days...I will give u a call! BT
  • It's all yours.  Call me and we can set up a time to get it to you so you can get it set up for him.  I didn't realize we don't have a general meeting for 3 weeks.
  • Brian, 

    I have a 20# PSE spider that can be adjusted up and even change the limbs out.  It's right handed and we just found out River, my 7yo son, is left eye dominant.  My bro in-law gave it to us.  Let me see if he wants it back since we can't use it.  If not, it's yours brother.  I'll bring it to the next meeting.

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