We're ordering new Gospel, Gobblers, and Guns shirts.  Same front as the old ones but we're adding a back just like the FAST t-shirts.  Shirts will be dark green with white lettering and are $15 with $4-5 going to the homeless BBQ (larger shirts cost more so smaller donation).  Let me know how many shirts you want and the size.


Don't forget to order one for the kids!





Peace and God Bless,



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  • Joel,


    Welcome to the FAST site.  Interesting pictures .... but good ones by the way!!


    With regards to the t-shirts, we have some floating around.  At our next monthly meeting (May 14th), I can bring what I have left in stock for some short sleeve & long sleeve FAST t-shirts.  Sarsfield has these GGG t-shirts as well.  We usually do a limited quantities (around two dozens pre-ordered) and a few extras as well.


    Let us know what size(s) you are looking for.

  • Brian,  yes, you can still order shirts.  I have one for you and a small adult that will fit Caleb (they run small).  It might be a little big on Isaac but he can grow into it :)
  • Sars, can I still order this?  If so I want 3 of them.  XL for me and 1 for Caleb (boys Large 10-12), 1 for Isaac (boys Medium 8-10)...not sure if you can get them in kids sizes.  Great weekend bro!!!!
  • Put me down for two (2) in 2x please.




  • Bada, did you tell the skinny overalls story on Tuesday studies?
  • Sars - I will take a 2XL for me.  Tell River he can have my 357Mag & 20ga casings the following week.


    Steve - you need an XL to go with your SSC Bibs!!

  • 1-3XL for my SSC Bibs

    & 1-SM for Greg

  • Petty, I know the small is for you but why are you buying krauskoff and wakefield theirs!!!!


    Sars, I will take 1 xl...

  • I'll take 3, one xl , 2xl. and S. Thanks
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