First Salmon on a Yak

This one taken at a "secret" spot near the Platte River...yes folks - I used the kayak this time around. I had a great time learning from Judd & the other fellow kayakers
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  • Very Nice...Great Job!
  • Loving are my recommendations so far:
    * 12 ft length - minimum for small lakes; adequate for salmon fishing (until large swells creep in)
    * 14 ft length - recommended for the bigger lakes
    * rudder is a key for trolling and staying true to course
    * VHF radio & night lights are a must
    * cheap trolling rods with line counters work fine.
    * have a process where you can change lures while paddling (ie small tackle box w/i arm's reach
    * fish finder with temp & speed indicators is a must to marking fish; color screens are not needed
    * keep Petty away from your trolling lines
  • Awesome Jon! I look forward to hear how the kayaking worked. Loving it?
  • Nice job Bada! Looks like a lot of fun!
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