"Day before the Opener" Buck

I finally scored with my Hoyt. And I remembered to have an arrow in place this time! LOL!
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  • Thanks everyone!!! This is the 5th buck I saw from this stand........ I'll give you whole story when I see you, but I actually thought that I missed it!! It ran 30 yards, stopped and looked around..... then took a step and hit the ground!! Ask me about the one the I saw just minutes afterward!!!
  • Your buck looks even better than it did on your phone picture you sent. He really looks good. Nice work Pete!
  • Well now both you AND Tracy are happy. I know she was putting the pressure on you at the last RESET meeting to get a deer and you provide (actually God provided) Big Time. That is an awsome picture.
  • I must be doing something wrong. I have never even seen a deer like this when I have been in the field. You are the man.
  • Awesome Pete!!!!
    With the bow just makes it that much sweeter!!!!!
  • Real nice buck Pete, great job.
  • Nice Buck, Pete!
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