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  • Steve
    Here's the boy's names (4 total) - I assume you don't need dad's names, but if you do, let me know.
    Danny Wade 12
    Michael Ehlen 14
    Drew Heenan 12
    Blake Heenan 10
    Looking forward to this - Thanks!!
  • thanks Steve!
  • very funny! I want to be one of the kids!
    By the way, what time of year is the lottery sign up for elk, bear and all that stuff. I have been meaning to do that?
    Also, I was vey moved that hal Howard Jr bought the gun!
  • Steve, I think I have one more boy. I ment his father and he goes to Kensington already. Wants in on Kids for Camo and also possibly FAST. Wants to do more with son.
  • Hi Steve - I singed up for the Lapeer event for rifles and archery, then added to my count. Wnated to make sure we were accounted for and that you have room for all of us. Please let me know. Thanks, Roger
  • Hi Steve-14 years since Troy High? Wow! Going shooting sounds good to me. I met a great group of guys last night!
  • Hey Steve, please register Greg for Lapeer. I'm trying to get a couple of the neighbor kids to commit, I'll let you know about them as soon as I can.
  • Hey Steve ; Great hearing from you . I love that rabbit thing. See you Sat.
  • Hi Steve, Yes I am going to the meeting. I have 500 rounds of .22. I also have the Ruger 10/22 that I will bring. I also have a vintage Remington target .22 with micrometer adjustment peep sight. Very fun to shoot and very accurate with bull barrel. I'll bring it all and you can choose what you need. See ya tomorrow!!
  • I have the one my other cousin let me use two years ago, that I can set up and let you use. It's an older bow, but killed my first buck ever with it. My cousin moved to Louisiana and he will never know. Just say the word, and I will get it together for you.
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