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  • thank you for showing me the ropes at the DSC. I cant wait to do another event with ya


  • Thank you for the welcome! Looking forward to getting involved! We are wrapping up soccer season with the kids (i have 4) and then we will be around more. The kids in camo event looks great. Our tournament is that weekend so I won't know if we are going to go far enough in it to run over the event, but if not we'll be there for sure!
  • thank you for the heads up Jim!


  • Hey jim how do I get some "FAST" gear?


  • Wow, which is worse sleeping or reading email during a meeting...  I wish I was sleeping. :)
  • Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm going to work on getting some pictures added to my profile. Hope to make tonights meeting depending on how work goes.Be well!
  • Thanks bro!  It was awesome having him there!  Good guy...looking forward to see him more.  My boys had a's always cool to hear when someone sees something different in you and your kids.  Just shows me that God is working in our lives!  Great hangin out with you this weekend!  Hope my dad and uncle can make it to an event this year!
  • Hey guys! looking forward to meeting you all.  i tried uploading some pics but im having trouble with it.  any suggestions?
  • Hi Jim, Jacob is doing well. He is driving now and working at Krogers. He usually works the weekend so it is hard to do anything with him. I'm still on nights and working 7 days so it is hard for me to bond with you guys. How is your brother, I pray his is doing better? Bob
  • have an excellent piece of property for rabbits.  We should get 4 hunters together and go.  Do you know anyone with beagles?
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