Any good trail cam pics?

I have 3 properties in NC I have permission to hunt and 1 in Virginia.  The first 1 pic is from a friend's 12 acres in a subdivision in Summerfield, NC.  The  other 2 are from a friend's 34 acres in Mayodan, NC.  Happy Hunting9469526492?profile=RESIZE_710x. I hope to get up to the Virginia property in the next couple of weeks when my quad gets out of the shop as it is 180 acres in the mountains.  Lot of uphill and downhill, very little level ground.  Tons of black bear and deer on the Virginia property.  I usually camp there for long weekends 9469517465?profile=RESIZE_710x9469517688?profile=RESIZE_710xduring hunting season.

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  • Very cool. Looks promising.
  • They all seem like great opportunities. Especially the Virginia parcel.
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