Jerry Douglas left a comment for Jon Bada
Got your message but couldn't send it on my phone. It would be a pleasure to take you out sometime and show you the ropes on using GPS and Sonar. We could do a trip to Lake Erie for Walleye and see how it all works. I'm not an expert but do dep…"
Jun 18
Jerry Douglas left a comment for Mark Prokop
"Salmon jerkey is not a problem with me! You may have something there. I still haven't looked for a smoker yet but plan to do so soon. You will have to give me your brown sugar recipe."
Jun 18
Jerry Douglas commented on Jerry Douglas's photo

I did get a message off to Craig so hope things work out for the October 1 trip. I would like to be a part.

Yeah, we caught some nice Salmon Saturday and Sunday. I'm looking at a September 11th and an 18th tournament if you are interested.…"
Jun 18
Jerry Douglas left a comment for paul deciechi

I hope you and Jim had a good time Saturday. I enjoyed it a lot and hope to do it again in June near Lemington. It was good to get to know you guys.

Jun 18
Jerry Douglas left a comment for Chuck Snyder
"Good to hear from you Chuck. I really enjoyed the dinner last Saturday and look forward to going to the meeting on Tuesday. Talk to you then if you're able to be there."
Jun 18
Jerry Douglas left a comment for Chris Sarsfield
"Thanks for the welcome Chris. I hope to be at the meeting in room 111 on Tuesday. About how many guys are normally there? See ya there."
Jun 18