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  • Chuck, i sure hope to be there tomorrow for the meeting. i am going to certainly try my best.
  • Youll have to fill me in on the full details of the hunt. Its a bummer you didnt get a bird, but the hunts that end like that are what keep you coming back! Im heading out Saturday to hopefully fill my tag...
  • Chuck, Now that winter ended again yesterday, we can talk about bass fishing ! Steve
  • Good to hear from you Chuck. I really enjoyed the dinner last Saturday and look forward to going to the meeting on Tuesday. Talk to you then if you're able to be there.
  • Great idea Chuck. Bye the way - Nice job on the Wild Game Dinner!
  • We did alright. Placed 16th in the invite. I told my fishing partner that it was his fault we didn't place I hope that the wild game was a great success,from what I've read so far it seems so. Looks like the weather is gonna make my sport go into hibernation soon, so I'll be hitting Scott Lake as much as I can this weekend for the last hurray. Thanks much for the email and I will see the guys of field and stream soon. Mark
  • no problem would u want to book a trip to take family or friends or set something up with a few of the field and stream members. i plan attending the next meeting as well i think your group is great.
  • Absolutely! I'll be at the small group Bible Study and at the meeting on the 16th. I enjoyed the Wild Game Dinner very much as well. See you soon.
  • Chuck,
    My dad and I will be there. Looking forward to it!
  • Thanks Chuck. Looking forward to the WGD, and to meeting you and the rest of the FAST Brothers. By the way, kudos on the good video spots in church this past weekend. Good witnesses all.
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