Wyoming Elk Hunt

Getting back into hunting after a couple years off.  Brothers are going to Wyoming for the first time to hunt Elk/ Mule Deer.  WE KNOW NOTHING!  I would like to use this form to discuss how to do it safely without overspending on gear.  Also interested in training routines to prepare my body for this adventure.

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  • It also has been quite awhile since I went. Good boots- broke in is a must. Due to the elevation its going to be tough to get in the right shape, but hike, walk, jog as much as you can. You will push yourself to the limit on the mountain with or with a guide. Every once you can cut( body and gear will help). Knowing what I know know I would take my 450 bush master instead of the 300 weatherby I did take- simply because of weight.
  • Have a great time with your hunt this Fall. Take lots of pictures and post them on the this website. I am sure the guys would love to see them!
  • Thank you Bill and Paul. I learned this weekend that we will each be paired with experienced hunters who have been at this hunt site for many years. I do agree good boots are essential.
  • It's been 15+ years since I've been but my $0.02 worth. A good pair of boots are key. When we went we did a lot of glassing/walking for both animals. Make sure the boots are waterproof and also warm. A good pair of hiking/hunting boots are a key in my opinion.
  • But I’d be glad to help you anyway I can I’ve been out west three times I’ll cotton never even been close to shoot one so I don’t know if I can help much
  • Thank you
  • The guys that have been going for a while should have all your answers then? From my experience guys who have been there are the most helpful
  • Great questions. We will sleep in a pole barn. Up to 14 guys going and most have been going for years. So although it won't be a professional guide we will be getting help.
  • Guided or unguided?
  • Are you staying in hotel tent camper?
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