WGD 2016 in the books

What a night guys. It was great night. I feel so honored to be a part of such a great group of guys (& ladies). I think our event was a huge success. Pretty sure it will turn out to be our best yet. But, how do we measure success?Money raised, prizes giving away, guns giving away, good/great food, selling out? I think we will never know the true success! Was it all of us who reconfirmed our faith through our message or the faces of of guests, joy received from working side by side? Was it the people who were touched by our work, seeing our hearts, hearing a great message and a seed was planted. Those who will pick up a bible and let the Holy Spirit help that seed grow. Or was it those who heard from God prayed and became a warrior for Him. These numbers we will never know.I look forward to the small signs, guest telling stories about how they brought a friend or coworker and see the change. Those comments about "thank you my child had a great time and is getting more involved". Or maybe those who like me who came to Christ 8 years ago at a wild game dinner.Great night gents!!

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