Hello, I am looking for a used fishing kayak under $500, if possible.  Or advice if anyone fishes from a kayak on makes and models.  I have a line on a Mad River Synergy 12 but it is a little heavy for my son and out of my price range.

I am also looking for a second real cheap non-fishing kayak, for my other son. Thanks in advance!  Sorry if you see this twice, I wasn't sure if it should be a blog or a discussion...

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  • Nic Pic, are you sure it is real?  Where did you catch it? 

    I went out Saturday morning on the Clinton River just to get a feel for the kayak.  BIG MISTAKE!  I flipped the kayak 15 minutes into a 3 hour float. The air temp was about 35 degrees and the water temp was about 45 degrees, it woke me right up going under water at 9:15 in the morning.  Luckily, I dressed for it.  Lot's of dead fall from beavers through out the river.  I had to drag my kayak across logs and woods a couple times but still a fun time and I learned alot.  I think I'll try some water that is flat next time, maybe Stoney Creek.

  • Caught this nice 12.5lb laker out of the yak yesterday


  • Sweet looking ride Bob! 


  • Bob, looks awesome!
  • Here is the one I bought...  I'm so excited!


  • Bob, I was on Amazon and found this fishing kayak for under $500. 



  • Check this one out for your son:


  • Jon Bada said:

    Probably would be adding more this coming spring:  non-slip flooring, alternative seating perch and maybe a removeable gun rack for fall duck hunting!!!



    See what i Mean? Bada, you've gone mad my friend


  • Bob,

    I'm right behind you.  I have a bunch of Bass Pro gift cards burning a hole in my pocket.  I realized I could pay for more than half a kayak and have wanted one for years.  My criteria is that I could also use it to do some 2-3 night trips down rivers and fish.  I'm interested to talk to you guys in more details about your kayaks.  Maybe if we have the fishing event in June you guys could bring them out???


  • Yeah, I already ordered a scotty bait cast flush mount rod holder and another base, straps, ...  I am mostly a fly fisherman (not a good one) but am so looking forward to getting this out.  I bought the kayak from Dan Marshall (Kayakdaddy.com) who had lots of great recommendations and advice.  I am nervous about cutting holes so I am sure I will drop you a line, especially before I cut one in the bottom (just kidding about the bottom).


    Looking at your picture: I count 4 rod holders, fish finder, electric, ...  and I was worried about the weight.  Is there also a bathroom onboard?  I am going to have to wait on all the high $ extras until after I buy another for my son.

    Thank you very much for the insight.  I can't wait to get out.  I was thinking about the kayak Bass tournament on Pontiac Lake on May 14th, it says beginners are welcome.

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