Hello, I am looking for a used fishing kayak under $500, if possible.  Or advice if anyone fishes from a kayak on makes and models.  I have a line on a Mad River Synergy 12 but it is a little heavy for my son and out of my price range.

I am also looking for a second real cheap non-fishing kayak, for my other son. Thanks in advance!  Sorry if you see this twice, I wasn't sure if it should be a blog or a discussion...

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  • That MR Synergy 12 looks like a sweet boat!  You should have some fun with it on some pond and lakes around here.  Newbies are great tagalongs.  That what this KFGL club loves to do.


    Before you start drilling holes into your kayak and adding mounts to it.  Give me a call (2-840-2983) or go to the KFGL website so that you won't regret drilling holes into your sit on top kayak.  I use Scotty Mounts on my kayak.  I don't remember what Judd uses as his mounting system.  Lots of the guys on the site use Ram Mounts and they work just as well.


    We can also give some advice on what rod & rigging set-ups you need on your kayak.  Here is some of the rigging additions (which Judd kindly mentions) that I have done to my yak last fall.2994571799?profile=original


    Probably would be adding more this coming spring:  non-slip flooring, alternative seating perch and maybe a removeable gun rack for fall duck hunting!!!


  • Hey Bob, Yeah what Jon said.  keep an eye out here or on KFGL for outings.  once the soft water is here, we are out all the time.  One thing to keep in mind is to save some room in your budget for add-ons.  depending on what the synergy is equipped with, you will want to customize it a little bit with Rod holders, anchor trolleys etc.. warning..once you get started, its hard to stop. Right Jon?



  • Jon, Thank you for the advice... I think I am going to buy the Mad River Synergy. I have seen a lot of positive feedback and I understand it is used often in many competitions.

    If you guys are interested in having a newbie tag along please let me know.

    I am still going to search for another kayak for my son when my bank account replenishes it self, so if you come across one please let me know. Otherwise, I will be watching craigslist.
  • Bob -


    Welcome to the wonderful world of kayak fishing!  I just started it last August and I plan on starting in mid-April this year.  I hate to say this, but there are only two of "us" that Kayak Fish in this group.  Judd Allen is the other FAST member.


    We also belong to another group/website called "KayakFishtheGreatLakes.com".  I have an ID there as "duff645".  It is a great site for exchanging ideas on how to rig your kayak.  Some used kayaks appear there too.  But the best site to look for a used kayak is CraigList.  I suggest looking at several city locations (ie Ann Arbor / Cleveland / Saginaw / Norther MI) and searcing in the Boats Section.


    Let me know if you get a beeline on a used one and there are guys on the KFGL site that have a similar kayak and they are more than happy to assist you.  Both Judd and I have Native Watercraft Ultimates.  Judd goes to the Rochester Hills Campus and I belong to the Birmingham Campus.  I saw you in last Tuesday's monthly meeting but did not have a chance to say hello before you left.  Like I said, give me a jingle.  If I see something in Craigslist - I will give you a jingle as well.


    Frank's Great Outdoors in Linwood, MI has several fishing kayaks that were 09 & 10 models in several varieties.  They offer a good discount on those "new" models.  Too bad that I did not know you were looking, I could have stopped at Jay's on my way back from Craig's farm a few hours ago.  They have a good selection.  Kayak Coral in Saline has some last year's models with a nice discount as well.

    Kayak Fish the Great Lakes | The home for kayak anglers in the Great Lakes region.
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