Hi all, Erin just got her first turkey and she wants to get the tail feathers done in a nice mount.  Anybody done this before, or knows a good taxidermist?  How much should this run if I was to have someone do it?  The time factor is an issue, it would be much easier for me to just pay for it to be done then mess with it myself...thanks for your time and input...

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  • Nice Job Erin !!!!!!!!!!

    Doing the tail only with beard is pretty easy.  Best way to learn is You Tube.  Guys show how all the time.  Just search turkey tail mount and you should get plenty of hits.  It is not that hard.  Blaise and I did his this way and it turned out perfect

  • Kyle,


    My cape mount turned out great and is up in the office.  It was pretty easy to do.  If Erin just wanted the tail and beard it would be a lot less involved but you can get an idea about the work involved here.

    How to Make a Cape Mount, Beard Mount, and Spur Necklace.
    Found this on the web and thought you guys may be interested. All the instructions are by Rob Ramsdale which I found on It was a…
  • Sarsfield did his own, and I think Gator did too. 


    Great Job Erin!! Very nice bird!!


  • call trent!!

    Awesome job Erin, Way to take a nap and let your wife do all the work Kyle!!!!!!

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