• Sounds good. I saw it on the events for tomorrow night. Should be a nice night. See you there :)
  • YES!!!
    I tried to call today, but they are closed on MON. so let's do this at 6:30 on Tue.

    Chris Sarsfield said:
    Anyone up for this?
  • Anyone up for this?
  • Oakland County Sportsmans Club in Waterford is open to the public on Tuesdays from 6-10p.m.
    skeet, trap, trailer trap, and 5 stand. If someone wants to lead this you can call them 623-0444, ask for shotgun house to answer any questions or call me I probably wont be able to attent this week.
    I believe you need 2 3/4 71/2 or 8 shot. Steel shot if your going to shoot skeet. There is a kitchen and bar open for afterward bragging rights!!
    Paul 248-670-4051
  • Hi James, I believe River Bends is closed on Tuesdays, as is DSC. At least according to their websites. That's one of the reasons I was looking for some place else to shoot.
  • we can get a group together and meet up go to River Bends park, located at 22 mile and ryan we can throw the clay our selves and any one can come $6 a shooter and we can stay as long as we want, kids and wifes can come too, I was just talking to my friend Mark M on SAT, about giong there, let me know we can set something up I ll give ya my cell number
  • James, that's a lot closer than Lapeer for me. I'm definitely interested in finding out more. Let me know. Thanks - Chris :)
  • i can check an make a call i have a gun that shhot at a gun club near 29 and Deq i think its on Tues, let me know if u want me to find out i might be interested in going
  • Lapeer County Sportsmen open for shotgun Tuesdays
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