Stripper Bass Fishing in NC

just a reminder that I purchased a couple of lots on Rhodhiss Lake in Connelly Springs, NC.  96 miles of shoreline, 3,000 acre lake.  Suppose to be one of the best freshwater stripper fishing in NC.  As the NC Chapter of FAST :) wanted to make sure the members know that you are welcome to come down here and enjoy.  Here are pics of the two deer I have killed since moving down here.  2018 buck #1.jpeg2016 Rockingham County buck.JPG.   I also did a black bear/duck hunting combo with 4th Generation Outfitters on the east coast of NC.  Had a chance, on the last day to shoot a bear but passed, thinking it was too small.  Guide saw video and said it was 250 to 300lbs.  Should have taken him.  Did shoot some wood ducks however.  So you duck hunt in the morning and black bear hunt in the evenings.  3 days, $1,000 at the time I went.  

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  • not sure, still need to check and have not done it yet. Did book a pronghorn in Wyoming this fall (if I draw a tag), a quail/hog hunt in SC in January 2021, an elk hunt in New Mexico for the fall of 2021, and then a red stag in Argentina in March for 2022. At 60 yrs of age, it is time to do my bucket list hunts while I still have my health.
  • Hi Brother. I would like to do some Stripper Bass fishing. When is the idea time of year?
  • Hey Perry, great to hear from you!
    Sounds like you are keeping up with the outdoor adventures just as you did here in Michigan. Well done on the deer season as well, those are great deer. I'm not scared of a road trip to do some fishing. Find out what kind of tackle and lures are used for those stripper and maybe this summer I'll bring down my boat and we will try it out? Great to hear from you my man!
    • will do some research as I have never fished for them before.
  • Nice deer! Congratulations!
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