Steelhead Season

Well, steelhead season has come and gone for me. Yes most of the river still have fish in them but most our starting to spawn and drop out. I might make one more trip up north for a college steelhead tournament I always participate in but it might just be for the camping with friends. Don't really expect much from the fishing. I was curious to how everyone season turned out.

I didn't get out a lot do to work and my papa not doing to well. However, when I did get out the fishing was epic. Probably the best average fish hook ups per day in my life. Tippy was on fire for me 2 weekends ago and if I told you the number of fish I hooked you probably wouldn't believe me. The winter fishing was pretty good when I headed to the other side of the state. Average seemed up a little but I didn't get that wall mounter I was hoping for. Still an amazing season and I can't wait for next.

I think the DNR plans for our river fisheries are finally turning around and I think were in for a couple years of extremely good fishing. We'll just have to wait and see...

How was your season??

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