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If you were at the Man-Up Weekend at SpringHill last October, you noticed how inadequate their facilities were for rifle and pistol shooting (ie overcrowding on the trap range).  Some of you FAST guys thought it would be a great idea to build them some better range facilities.  Lets pray and think about this one.

Here is where you guys need to Man-Up and let me know if you are interested on this project.  We are still in the planning stages on this project.  I was at SpringHill last weekend and talked with SpringHill on what are the next steps by KCC and SpringHill.


Here is what at SpringHill at this moment:

For my first thought, we were going to build a rifle/pistol range (about 125 yds) adjacent to the trap range, on its northern flank.  But upon walking the site last Friday with SpringHill, there is a low lying gulley at the back of the Trap Range that is about 100 yds.  Here is what I am thinking of:  

Work being proposed:

1.  Move the trap range to higher grounds to the south (where excess wood & concrete pilings are currently residing).

2.  Re-work the olde trap range and rename it "historical arms" range (ie for axe throwing, bow range).  Build berm on its eastern perimeter.

3.  Create a 100 - 125 yd rifle/pistol range to the area east of the closed off trap range.  Existing hardwoods (about 10 - 15" dia.) needs to be bulldozed to the side and create a 50' clearance path.  Berm (from Historical Arms Range) and 15' ridge surround the west of the range.  Remaining hardwoods surround the eastern perimeter of the range.  There is a hill at the far southern perimeter of the range that needs to be built up and concrete pilings/dirt to be used to make it higher.


Let me know what you are thinking.  I was planning on a work weekend with 10-12 guys on June 10-12.  We will need at least one good size bulldozer or a couple of nice front loader.  Everyone should bring wheel barrows, chainsaws, atvs, etc.  Another work weekend would be August 19-21, to build two sets of stations for the new trap and rifle stations.  Some similar to the old trap range stations.  Here guys need to bring power tools (ie generators, circular saws, nail gun, etc) to build simple shacks and baffles. 


So I am looking for heavy equipment, heavy boots and most importantly - heavy hearts. 


Bless you Boys!!


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  • Good work John, small snag, keep the faith.
  • Thanks for all of the legwork Bada, I think this is an awesome opportunity for us to have an impact much greater than our current reach.  Even a sign saying "donated by Field and Stream Team, go to their website for more info" could garner more interest in what we do.  Keep up the awesome work man!
  • I wanted to give you guys an update:


    Basically, the camp has been given some resistance on adding this new range on their property.  Their local Zoning Board has expressed some concerns on this range because of an incident that occurred nearby, where a local resident (not a camp guest/staff member) had a misfire which traveled past their intended target and hit "something" way downrange.  I do not have additional details with regards to this incident.


    I had a discussion with the camp directors yesterday and agreed to the following:

      * place the project in a holding pattern (reintroduce it to the Zoning Board in 2012 or 2013)

      * continue with my project proposal to build the range to NRA specs once they get written from the local Zoning Board;  the deadline for this proposal will be given to Springhill by the end of May 2011.

      * investigate the possibility of upgrading their existing .22 pistol range;  I will make a trip up there in May to see what has to be done with that range and I will advise our team accordingly.


    Thanks to eveyone on praying & supporting this project.  I would like to resurface this project next year.

  • Count me in.  Don't have a chain saw but do have a circular saw and miter saw that are up to the task.
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