Just thought I would share with you guys something that happened to my family this weekend.  On Friday my Mother-in-law got a call from someone saying he was my son (Dominic) calling to tell her that he had gotten into some trouble and needed her help.  He told her he went with some friends from school down to Texas for a buddy's wedding and got into an accident with a rental car - that he had been drinking and now he needed help to pay for an attorney and not tell his parents or he would be in big trouble.  He wanted her to wire $2,500 to Texas.  Eventually, she insisted that she was going to call his dad - he called her a liar because she had promised to help him. and then hung up on her.  She was pretty shook up and really thought it was Dominic when she called me to tell me what happened - I immediately called Dominic, only to find out he was safe in Grand Rapids at school.  Thankfully nothing more happened, but we have heard of this kind of scam happening and have even warned our families - but you never think it will ever happen to you.  Just wanted to warn everyone because this seems to happen quite often to families - so please warn yours!


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