Salmon Fishing 2015

Hey Guys,

It's been awhile! This summer I was up in Frankfort Michigan working as a deck hand on a charter boat. What an experience! I thought it would be easy for me but it was a totally different experience. Although we were not super busy:( I still got to experience working on a big lake boat and the hours these guys work is insane. Were talking up at 4 Am, nap from 12-2 and back on the boat, then in bed around midnight to 1 AM. Sleep deprived is an understatement. But that comes with the job.

Anyways, we fished a lot of Lake Trout this summer but did find some salmon. Here are a few pictures from the summer.

Giant king that put up the best fight I have ever seen. Plus we had a triple going on at the moment. 

Quad going on Lake Trout that almost turned into 5 fish but we lost the 4th before the 5th bit.

River fishing has been extremely slow this year. Were still hoping for a run though. This week it should happen if it's going to. Here are a few river pics from this years run.

This fish had me wrapped up in the tree for 10 minutes. I had cut the line and was going to tie it back together but the fish swam the opposite shore line while I had a ton of slack line and another angler grabbed it for me while I had the cut line in my hand. Most epic salmon battle of my life. 


Calvin and his first King on a pin

One thing I missed while up north was my Kensington family. I hope to start seeing everyone around church again and get re-connected. Hope everyone had an awesome summer.

PS. I may be doing some pre-fishing up at Tippy for a trip the weekend of the 10th. If anyone is possibly available, let me know. 

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