Ed just can't catch a break these days. Sunday, Ed was forced to go to the emergency room due to terrible pains, the pain was the result of a Kindey Stone attack! I'll keep you all posted as I learn more.

Form the Internet...

Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of enduring a kidney stone attack will tell you exactly how painful this condition can be. In fact, the pain is most often compared with the pangs of natural childbirth.

This is no exaggeration or wishful thinking. The stabbing and shooting pains that accompany a major kidney stone attack can bring you literally to your knees, unable to even drive yourself to proper medical attention. While major pain killers such as Demerol can do wonders for the immediate discomfort, a victim of a kidney stone attack must still face days of intravenous fluid treatments and possible surgical intervention before getting substantial relief. A permanent change in diet and lifestyle is often required, and the patient still faces the chance of several reoccurances over a lifetime.

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