Prayer Request

Guys-- Dave Morley, I have brought him to a few events [BBB, Bucks, Kicking Bear, & Wild Game Dinner] , his oldest son Logan ships out for a tour in Iraq tomorrow morning. Your prayers and belief for his safety and return home are greatly appreciated.

Thanks Brothers,

Steve G.

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  • Thank you Brother's for the thoughts and prayers, Logan, Dave, and his family are very moved, and appreciate your kindness. How Blessed we all are to have all that we have.....
  • Steve, Mackenzie, Connor and I all prayed for Logan this morning.
  • Tell Dave that we are all PROUD and THANKFUL that his son is protecting our freedom to worship and live. His son will be in our prayers. We are proud of all our servicemen both here and abroad.

    Have Dave (or you Steve) keep us updated on his son's situation in Iraq. Can I give him a Hoorah!

  • Thanks Steve for including us in this young mans life. This family will be a part of our families prayers!

    Thanks Logan!
  • You got it Steve !

    God Bless Logan.

    Thank You For Standing Up For Us To Secure Our Freedom.

    May he have a safe return...
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