Greetings all, long time lurker, just signing up.

As some folks at ManUp recomended, i am signing up and trying to participate more actively on the forums here, and stay in tune with the goings on.


My name is Jason Ebig, and i am a Clinton Township member.  I have been attending Kensington for approx. 5+ years, and this year marked the 4th year i have worked the firearms range at ManUp.  I run the rifle side of things, and bring some toys for folks to shoot and enjoy safely while at the coolest mens retreat out there.


I work fulltime for the US Army, and on the side, i have my FFL(Federal Firearms License), as well as my class 3 license(silencer/SBR/SBS/Full-auto sales) that i do part-time.  Those that came to the rifle range saw some of the goodies i have and sell that i was showing and sharing with folks.


I gave out a bunch of business cards to interested persons, but if anyone is interested in anything firearm related, sales/service/transfers/class 3 needs, feel free to give me a call or email, and we'll get you taken care of.


Thanks, and have a blessed day!


Jason Ebig


L & L Arms


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