My daughter is in need of a car. Looking to spend around $5K - give or take a little either way.  She already has the cash - but needs to close the deal in 5-6 days (her lease car must be returned to the dealer). Really having a hard time finding something that wasn't cleaned up after a wreck. Open to any reasonable offer of make/model/age/mileage combination - it just needs to be safe, clean, dependable (would you put your own daughter behind the wheel of it??).  I would appreciate everyone spreading the word to people you know and trust. I appreciate the honesty and integrity of the brothers!  I can be contacted via my email - or cell (248) 797-9486.  THANK YOU - for your time and consideration.

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  • My wife's uncle has a Mercury Marquis, it's a 2004 and only has about 24 hundred miles on it. It has been in the garage the whole time but he is looking to get $10.000. I personally do not think that he will ever get his price but he thinks that the low mileage justifies it. I don't think he will haggle that much either but you can try, the car really is a peach. I know that it is twice your budget but it is loaded, and would be a really safe vehicle for your daughter to drive because it is so big. Keep in mind that he is a tough old bird but I will put you in touch with him if you like. If you are interested call me rather than posting on this site as I am not on here as often as I should be.


    Steve Koralewski Cell: 586-495-0289 

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