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I can't believe I didn't mention this at the meeting a few weeks ago; my dad--an extraordinary photographer, and my stepmother--an extremely gifted artist--combined their talents and began the Lens-A-Hand artist group about 15 years ago. They've been featured in some of the largest hunting publications in the country & attend shows on a regular basis. Feel free to take a look at some of their work at the link below.


I'm trying to get a hold of a painting or photo or both for the WGD on 2/18. Maybe we could raffle something off from them??? Let me know what you think... I've been telling them all about the FAST team and they sound just as excited about it as I am.


Visit; about 3/4 up the page there is a tab "Wildlife" with names under it. Eberhard Brunner is an artist for National Geographic who's work sometimes gets featured with my parent's. Below that--Lister is my dad & Robinson is my stepmother. Just click on their names and it'll take you into their galleries.




Look forward to seeing you all very soon,



The new guy.....

Brian Lister



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