Mission trip to Haiti this Saturday....

Well fellow FAST members,

We are off to Haiti tomorrow. Robin and I would like to tell all of you that we really appreciate all your encouragement, support and prayers. This trip is a first for both of us, and knowing that we have a group of people like all of you behind us is a great comfort and honor. The new year is starting off with our hearts, arms and hands wide open for the glory of Jesus Christ. And there is no doubt in my mind, that if I was not involved with this MINISTRY, FAST, we would not be going on a trip like this. Robin and I have been on the "bleachers" or "sitting in the boat", of life for way too long. Through the last few years of giving limited time and small amounts of our money, we have noticed that with those small tokens to the kingdom, we have been blessed many times over from what we have given. God actually tells us in Malachi 3: 10, to "Test" Him on the return of blessings for what we give towards the church. (which includes your time) I don't know about you and your situation, but as for me and my wife, God has passed the "Testing" that we have given Him. Being completely convinced that God will provide, protect and counsel us on our journey. We are very excited for the challenges, hard work, and loving compassion that we will be giving in the next week at Mission of Hope in Haiti. So, with this note I want to again thank all of you! We love you and value each and every one of you as family! 

Your loving fellow FAST freak,


Alright Now!

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