Looking to buy used shotgun

I am a new hunter looking for a used shotgun to purchase. I'm not looking to spend more than $350, and preferably a 12 gauge but I will take a look at a 20 gauge. Feel free to contact me on here or directly through my email.


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  • For $350, I would suggest looking at a new Remington 870 vs. a used gun. Tried and true reliability. Sometimes you get lucky at places like the Detroit Sportsmen's Congress or Bald Mountain-- they all have bulletin boards where folks post used guns for sale (but they tend to be "optimistic" pricing). gunbroker.com, gunsamerica.com and budsgunshop.com also can have a good selection (buds sells new only and the other two are a combination of new and used). I'm sure lots of folks have had great success with buying used guns, but personally it's not for me. I'm not enough of an expert to see if there is a potential problem or how to tell if it has had 10,000 rounds put through it besides looking down the barrel for gunk. I'm sure nobody on this board would sell you a bum shotgun-- just be careful if you buy used (especially if they're not local). Good luck!
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