Thanks to all the FAST team members and volunteers that made this another amazingly successful event.  I believe the final tally was 70+ kids and 40 of them were new to the Kids in Camo event.  We had a mom from Troy Campus bring her son, daughter (won shotgun at lunch), and their two friends in our group.  All were novices around firearms and archery.  They had a wonderful time and couldn't thank FAST enough for opening their eyes to target sports and hosting such a wonderful event.  We always bring families outside of Kensington and they always remark on what amazing people are in the FAST team.  Special thanks goes out to the guys that helped Paul M. get his keys out of his trunk after his daughter accidentally locked them in there.  He was blown away by how guys were willing to jump in and help get the keys out.  Again, we had a group of predominantly girls and there's no doubt in my mind they are just better shooters out of the gate.  We had the instructor at 5 stand explain that the girls are willing to listen to instructors and immediatelly follow through on those instructions, boys tend to think "I got this" then later catch up.  Once again, God blessed us with perfect weather for the day.  I know the FAST team created some new fans in the KCC community and we'll be seeing them again next year and at future FAST events.  Thank you all for your effort!

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