From Larry Liposky.

Hey Guys,
I just heard the information below from a friend......Can someone get this message out to the Field and Stream Team?.....Hopefully it will help someone......Thanks guys.....Larry
I have a good friend I snow goose hunt who owns and operates:
If you need shells for waterfowling, he has incredible deals right now. He's got inventory he needs get rid of and says it's the best deal in the country and includes shipping which is a big deal with shells.
He has Hevi-Steel in 12ga. for $126.95 /case and 20ga for $119.95/case....Includes shipping.
We used it on snows last year....Incredible!
He also has Hevi-X, Hevi-snow, Hevi-metal and Kent on sale.
He also handles a ton of great hunting stuff.

Larry Lipovsky

Direct: 248-408-4323

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