• looking forward to getting back out to take my 22 yr old son to get his bird next week.  Hopefully by then, we will have better weather. 
  • ^5 good luck, try a cup of coffee, 3 or 4 guy's and a dog and do the 2 jacks fighting call, worked at bucks...
  • Turkey hunting is for the birds!!!
  • I called in a hen...too bad this isn't the fall. Lots of gobbles but none came in.
  • I heard 100 gobbles from 630-7am the birds never came by me then never heard another gobble the rest of the day.

    will try gain tomorrow morning

  • I heard a gobble and sat just after leaving my car.  Then I heard another gobble coming from behind me (back by the car).  I started to call lightly then heard a hen cut me off pretty loud from where I heard the second gobble.  Then Paul walked up calling on his long box.   We saw the tracks of the first gobbler just over the hill on the trail after I got up.
  • Nice job Perry! We're looking forward to the photos and the stories!!


  • Shot my jake at 10am this morning, while it was snowing.  Crazy weather.  Now I can focus my energy in helping my son and a family friend get theirs.  So much more fun taking someone hunting.
  • Thanks Scott!!! 
  • Snow!  It's the curse of Scott Harper's robin.  Spring will never be here ;)
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