Great evening of fishing! 

With 4 boats and 9 guys those walleye had no chance! 

Prize list;

Longest walleye....................Paul Decichi

Longest Non-walleye...(12 in. small mouth)Bill Vogan

most fish landed (boat teams) Jerry Douglas, Jon Bada and Dean Maletta.........Ea. new bag of plastic lures

smallest fish..(3" walleye)...Jerry Douglas=10" Lure! (Prize was 7 in. bigger than his fish.) 

First man to limit out on target fish...........No one. prize carries over. (New spinning Rod)

Next Thursday (26th), I will not be able to attend, and need someone that is willing to take my place. This is very easy, all you need to do is meet all the participants at the ramp at 5 pm, and collect the entries, and pray with the group before heading out. If there is anyone willing to do this please get back to me as soon as possible, so I can post the event. It is going to be at the same place, and from some feedback from participants, there will be more guys that aren't FAST/Kensington members. What an opportunity this is turning out to be. 

Thanks again to all the participants of the first FAST Fishing & Fellowship Series #1! I had a great time! 


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