Elk and Moose Hunting

I am looking to book an elk and moose hunts over the next couple of years.  Checking with the team to see if anyone has done it before and have recommendations.  My game plan is to do a bucket list hunt each year.  Got my first black bear on a trip to Canada.  So on to the next big game animal.    Have our dove openner on Sept. 2nd.  Spent the weekend, working on 3 different properties that I have permission to hunt on.  2 in NC and one in Virginia that is 190 acres with a few black bear running around.  I can only turkey and deer hunt on that property. 

East coast of NC has a huge poulation of black bear.  I have a guide that you duck hunt in the morning and bear hunt in the evenings for 3 days at $1,000 per hunter.  Working on trying to set up a hog hunt in SC.  

Be well and god bless. 


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  • I did a moose hunt in Newfoundland in October with Grand Lake Adventures. Great outfit. My dad has his moose down within a few hours of us being at camp. We actually hadn't even really started hunting yet, we were able to call the moose in to within sight of our tent shortly after we got camp set up. I took mine on the third day and it was about the 10th bull I had seen. So they hunt a great area. Happy to share any details.
    • Thanks for sharing and I will look at their website. Do you have any pictures of the moose that you harvested?
      • Sure thing. Just messaged you a few photos.
  • I would love to shoot ducks and bears. Count me in.
    • i will work on getting details for next year.
    • fourth generation outfitter is the outfit that i used. Ducks in the morning, stand hunting for bears in the evening. $1,000 for 3 day hunt. let's get a few guys together and schedule it for next year.
  • Yes I've done both. Lot to cover- cost areas, size of each. Give me a call anytime to discuss. Plus Steve Buchan has went on multiple moose hunts in Newfy. Jim 248-867-onethree29
    • thanks Jim, headed out today to Oriental, NC to go fishing for Drum on the Pamilco sound. My first time since moving down here. Will reach out next week.
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