The following three Saturdays, there are opportunities to serve (and even lead).  So if you (and your family / friends / small group, would like to serve ... give us a shout out.  Be ready to go by 1 pm and remember to dress for the weather.  Bring a dish to pass around or clothing to hand out or a warm embrace of God's Love for those in need.

Located near the Motor City Casino and Cass Tech HS on Fourth & Temple near downtown Detroit.

Nov 3rd:  hosted by Jon & Lori Bada

Nov 10th:  need someone to lead this Saturday since Dave Krauskoff is still medically unable to be there

Nov 17th:  hosted by Mike Schmidt

As the weather changes, there is more volunteers required to help out.  We will be there through out the winter months as well.  If you need prayers, directions or additional information, please feel free to contact me at 248-840-2983.

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