Found this on the Field & Stream site: Morels are America’s mushroom, more so than any other. It may be because they’re widespread, they’re easy to identify, and they come up in the spring, giving people a reason to get out and enjoy warm weather after a long winter. Or, it could be they’re popular simply because they taste so good. Morels are so prized they sell for up to $20 a pound in grocery stores where I live. Here’s a quick guide to finding your own. Please note that although morels are easy to identify, this a hunting guide, not a field guide. If you have any doubt about a mushroom, don’t keep it. Found in much of the US from late March through May, the morel is our favorite mushroom: plentiful, easy to identify, and delicious. It has colorful names like Molly Moocher, Miracle, Dryland Fish or – my favorite – Hickory Chickens -- but mostly, people just call them “mushrooms” and it’s understood that means “morels.”’s-guide-hunting-morel-mushrooms

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  • Sometime the people with the plastic bags are looking for ginseng.
  • They're out there. I see the one guy and his girlfriend every year. He's the sous chef at The Whitney. I met them when they were picking them in my yard! He sells them to the Whitney and keeps some for himself.
  • A good morrell picker uses a paper bag not plastic. Maybe they are doing clean up ? If there are morels out there it is a little gold mine
  • I keep seeing people hiking out of the woods in the park behind our house with garbage bags. Must be a ton of them out there today. I may have to take the kids for a hike later...
  • Found a full pound of them while turkey hunting. Made a mushroom soup and saved a couple handfuls to sautay ? with garlic and butter. Finished these off with some venisen steaks, a good wine and real wild rice it was a 4 star dinner for Mothers day ! Mom loved it....
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