• Steve,


    I went online today and got all my licenses, except doe permits (not available yet).  Applied for just points on both Elk and Bear.
    Steve Glasco said:

    when can we apply for bear?
  • when can we apply for bear?
  • I have bears, but you won't draw a permit in the Red Oaks district with only one point. You may not draw anyplace in the state with just one point. Collect a few more and we will go up to my place, I can't promise any bear but will have a fun time.



  • loose the hounds!


  • When do we need to apply for the bear license? I have a guy that will take us bear hunting in the up with the dogs if you would like to go. I will find out what hunt to apply for and let you know..
  • Paul,  From what I have seen, you have the best chances for 1st hunt draw in the best areas with 6-7 points.  If you want a later hunt with hounds, you can draw with fewer in the best areas.  I have 6 pts and plan to  buy a point only this year, so that I can have 7 for next years drawing.
  • I can tell you who not to use
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