• I have bear on my property and had them hitting the bait hard last year but they were only coming in at night. I have the bait barrels up there already. if anyone gets a tag and wants to hunt you are welcome.

    Steve Koralewski
  • I applied for my first bear tag 2nd hunt in the Baraga zone I hope to hunt with my nephew
  • I have 6 or 7 points, but only want to hunt w/ bait.
    I also have a buddy w/ 6 points- would love to get him involved with us.
  • Paul, I have 4 points and have a hankering to to do it caveman style with dogs. I would be up for applying for the same unit and hiring the houndsmen.
  • Paul
    How many years have you been applying? You will need at least 4 pts to draw in the LP
  • Hey Paul, Craig has a pretty good size bear there on his farm, maybe see if that is an option?
  • Paul
    let's talk tomorrow at the study I did it myself 4 yrs ago it's really not to hard.
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