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  • Thanks Jim!
  • Give me your email and Ill send them to you. I tried to do it on here but could not figure out how to send photos on her.
  • Nice bird Jimbow!!! That grill the kill event sounds fun too! see ya on Tue.
  • Hey Jim, I have been doing some digging because that gun we saw at Red River dinner had be puzzled. What I found shocked me. Weatherby has sub themselves out. Because I seen the name "Weatherby" and the shine I thought it was a mach 5, mach 5's are the signature (real) Weatherby's with 4 or 6 cam cylinders. The gun we saw is called an Uplander which is an import that Weatherby puts their stamp on Low end $299.00 gun. Very disappointing.
  • Awesome cake, happy be-lated Birth Day Jim, God Bless brother
  • I will be hunting my Dad's land the weekend of Nov 15th. I can probably get you a weekend there if you are interested. I grew up with the legend of a 16 pointer in my woods. I saw him but didn't hunt deer until last year. Hope to get his grandson!
  • Hey Jimmmmaaaaaa!!!!!!! On the white strip at the bottom of the page it says "Field and stream team 2 online" click on it and it is a chat room.
  • Welcome to the FAST web community, Jim. Is that your dog in the picture? Where did you pheasant hunt? Good to see you online and I'll see you next weekend at Gospel, Gobblers, and Guns weekend!
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